Tito Dick is a recurring character in The Nutshack. He is Jack and Phil's uncle.
Richard 'Tito Dick' Cabesa
Place of birth Philippines
Age 65
Love interests
More information
Current home Daily City


Tito Dick wears a bright black tank top and tight bell-bottoms. His shoes are bright brown.

He wears sparkling gold jewelry on his neck and wrists and also has a sparkling gold belt buckle that says "Dickman". Tito Dick wears black sunglasses whether he is outside or inside. He has grey and black hair and wrinkly,tan skin.


Tito Dick is known to manipulate Phil. Aside from that, Tito Dick really loves his nephews. In the Pilot, he explains to Phil how important Jack is to him. Tito Dick is also somewhat like his nephew, Phil. He enjoys partying with young women and drinking.


When Tito Dick and Tito Ting were fishing one day in their prime, an enormous hurricane came to their Philippine village and killed almost everyone...except the women. Tito Dick and Tito Ting couldn't let their family tree die out, so they had the women in their village line up so they could reproduce with each and every one of them. This is why everyone in their village looks the same. When Tito Dick moved to Daily city with young Phil, he often made Phil go outside and wait while he had hookers come over.


  • Tito Dick really hates his nosy landlord, Dwayne.
  • Tito raised Phil all on his own and still loves the ladies.
  • Tito tried to convince Phil that his father's name is Milky Liquor.
  • His name, Richard Cabesa, translates into 'dick head'.
  • Tito Dick has asthma.
  • Tito Dick was once famous! He was part of one the very 1st boy bands called the “Boy Friends” They were hugely popular in the 1970’s but were disbanded when 4 of the 5 members were indicted for various sexual acts. Dick was the 5th member however he was only busted for smuggling dolphins into the US.
  • He hopes to reunite with all of his children one day.