Place of birth [Assumed] Daly City
Age 16
Love interests
More information
Current home Daly City
Jerome is a young hoodlum who has a rivalry with Phil. He and his best friend Jamar often cause trouble for Phil and Jack.


Jerome is particularly short. He wears a dark grey hat sideways and an orange sweatshirt which contrasts his friend Jamar's sweatshirt, which is yellow. He also wears dark blue jeans and black and white sneakers, and has a bit of dark peach fuzz above his lip.

He seems to be about 16, as he is old enough to drive but is referred to as a "kid" by Phil and "adolescent" by Jesus and is shorter than Ed, who is 17.


Jerome, like his friend and partner in crime Jamar, is very troublesome and is usually the leader between the two, finding schemes to plot at every opportunity he gets. He speaks in such heavy ebonics and with such a strong lateral lisp that most of the time, Jamar must translate what he is saying to Phil and Jack. He is also very vulgar and can get very aggressive when angered.

He also enjoys partying and hanging out with attractive women, as seen in Blackapino.



Jerome has very little respect for Phil and greatly enjoys making fun of him. Jerome's rivalry with Phil can go to the point of violence and even death, and he will show no mercy in physically hurting Phil or his friends.


  • Jerome is the infamous 'Baby Dolphin' (S2E2)
  • Jerome is based off his voice actor, Jerome Castro. The creators found his lisp cartoonish and decided to make him a character on the show.