Horatio (Horat)
Place of birth Bohol, Philippines
Age [Assuming] late teens (18 or 19)
Love interests
More information
Current home Daily City

Horat is one of the four main characters, alongside Phil, Jack, and Chita.


Horat is a tarsier-robot. Jack created him. His arms, abdomen, sides of his face, and legs are metal parts, while rest of his body is regular monkey skin.


Horat is exactly like Phil. He is very dirty and has a foul mouth. He usually joins Phil on his adventures when Jack is hanging out with Chita (like in "Road Trippin").

Horat is often called a "toy", because the apartment in which he lives does not allow pets. He enjoys smoking pot with Jack, Phil, and Tito Dick, as well as drinking.




  • Horat had to be adjusted for California weather because he was built for Philippine weather.
  • Horat was found by Jack in the Jungles of Bohol dying, but Jack saved his life by replacing his damaged body with robot parts.
  • Horat wishes to own his own reality show and after he becomes famous, he plans not only to 'bang' tarsiers, but all primates.
  • I got this3

    Horat's alcohol container seen in Road Trippin'.

    It is revealed in "Road Trippin" that Horat can pour alcohol from a container attached to his metal abdomen and is able to shoot laser beams from his chest.